10" 3 Comp Plate NF (125/pk)

9" Round Plate NF (125/pk)

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Sold 125 per pack
Compostable and recyclable
9 inch round biodegradable plates made from a blend of 'tree-free' plant fibers. These plates are durable and do not bend or flex.
They are great for picnics, barbecues, restaurants, small businesses and nearly anything else you can think of.
Plates are compostable and recyclable and can be microwaved, frozen or heated in the oven.
6 inch round plates also sold at ECOpak.

Made from a renewable blend of 'tree-free' plant fibers.
Product is unbleached.
Sustainable alternative to plastic and polystyrene foam (styrofoam).
All claims are backed by stringent third-party eco-social certifications.
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